A Safe Haven at MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

– Dalai Lama

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(UPDATE: 1st batch of donation sent, click: Feeling: Grateful)

(UPDATE: 2nd batch of donation sent, click: Feeling: Overwhelmed)

Eversince I was young, I have always dreamed of having a large, spacious, Hacienda-like place as a sanctuary to the abandoned cats and dogs. I’ve told my friends and family whenever this topic is brought up that if given the chance to win the lottery, I will definitely buy a lot, a big one, to accommodate most, if not all, abandoned, abused and stray cats and dogs. But of course, winning the lottery is a far shot so I’ve decided to rescue some stray cats instead

When I learned about the advocacy of MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary, I was so delighted to know that I wasn’t the only one who dreams of such for these fur babies. I came to know about this sanctuary through the Facebook group that I am a member of (Furbabies TLC – I so love this group, if you’re an animal lover do join this).


This sanctuary has been helping the stray cats and dogs who are victims of abuse, cruelty, maltreatment, those who are locked up at city pound ready to be euthanized and just left for dead. Their advocacy is to prevent these atrocities towards these animals, give them a second chance in life to feel the love they deserve and to be able to provide safe haven to them. But they can’t do it alone. They need our help.

I really felt bad knowing what these animals have been through before they were rescued. And since I am only earning enough, I’ve decided to start up reselling business wherein portion of the earnings I will get will be donated to MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary.

For the animal lovers like me who have a few peso to spare, please do consider donating to their cause. Hundreds of dogs and cats are in dire need of pet food, medicines and supplies. Visit their Facebook page to know more about their advocacy: MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

The reason why I’m doing this is because I want pay it forward. One of my darkest time was when my daughter was diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect which requires an open-heart surgery. I turned to the internet to ask for help because we cannot afford it. And everyday, I thank God that despite all the craziness in this world, there are still a lot of good Samaritans out there. My daughter has undergone a successful heart surgery last 2008 (read: http://myangelmaree.blogspot.com/2008/)

To those who are more than willing to help, MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary are in constant need of the following:

  • Dog and cat food
  • Medicines such as Doxycycline, Co Amoxiclav Suspension, Co Amoxicillin
  • Supplements such as Immunol Tablets/syrups, Liv 52 Tablets/Syrups, Pet Tabs, Polynerve, Ceelin Syrup
  • Treatments such as Advocate, Broadline, Revolution, Hartgard, Bravecto
  • Food for the caretakers such as noodles, canned food, rice

Their address:
MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary
113 Pantay St., Sitio Talaga,
Baranggay Maybancal,
Morong, Rizal 1960 Philippines

How you can help:

Cash Donations:
Marita B. Yasuda
BDO ACCOUNT # 0066-3021-5825
METROBANK # 402-3402-24461-6

PayPal Account: twister0408@msn.com

Through Remittance Centers (LBC, Palawan, Cebuana, Western Union):

Contact: 0997-735-1231
Address: Same as Sanctuary Address

Through 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines: Minimum amount using this option is Php20. Please refer below for instructions:

  1. Click this link and fill out the form: 711 Donation Form
  2. Once submitted, you will receive a message from Coins.ph with a link.
  3. Click the link and choose 711 option. A barcode will appear which you will present to the cashier with your donation
  4. Kindly text your name and amount donated to: 0918-330-5117 to acknowledge your donation.
Important: Donations through 7-Eleven is free of charge for amounts from Php20 to Php100. For Php101 and up, Cliqq charges 2%. 

Through the GOFUNDME by visiting this page: https://www.gofundme.com/mby-sanctuary-funds

Food can also be donated online through their partner store:

Cat food whole bag:

Half bag:

1/4th bag:

1/8th bag:

Dog food:

These animals may not be able to give any material things in return but they can definitely give what other humans can’t – unconditional love.

Donate and change lives. They too deserve some love.

Social media is a powerful tool. If it isn’t too much to ask, kindly share this post to your family and friends for them to know more about this beautiful cause. Sharing is caring.

Grabbed from Metropets Magazine




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